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Guarana In My Coffee

By John Clarke

I don’t know about you, but I am not a morning person. Every day, my alarm goes off. Every day, I hit “Snooze” at least five times. The worst parts of my day are a) the 30 second count­down before I tell myself I have to actu­ally get out of bed, b) the approach to the bath­room, anti­cip­ating the sub-​​zero tiles on the bath­room floor, c) turning the shower off and d) drying my hair — the moment I apply a towel, I can feel my icy hair sapping away any remaining warmth.

I get the feeling I’m the only person that cannot bear getting out of bed. At 9am, everyone else seems cheery; I’m feeling miser­able, trying to pry my eyes open. Some­times, I even feel deli­rious, just trying to force myself to stay awake. So, I decided to do some­thing about it.

This morning, I cracked open a tub of powdered Guarana, aka Paullinia cupana, a Brazilian herbal stim­u­lant, and added a teaspoon-​​full to my coffee. This is one of those (seem­ingly rare) herbs that actu­ally tastes nice as well as pos­sessing psy­cho­active prop­er­ties. Right now, at 9:51, I’m wide awake and not too bothered that it’s another 15 hours before I’m asleep once more. I’m just praying the effects won’t wear off and leave me in an unsus­pecting heap on the lab floor.Powdered Guarana

One thing to look out for with Guarana is making sure you stir your coffee prop­erly. If you don’t, the last dregs are full of powdery chunks, but it’s not the end of the world. Did I mention that this actu­ally tastes pleasant?

Guar­anine, the com­pound respons­ible for keeping my eyes open, is chem­ic­ally identical to caf­feine, derived from other sources, but that leaves out the plant’s other xanthine alkal­oids, such as theo­bromine and theo­phyl­line. These stim­u­late the heart, among other things, so it def­in­itely gets you going.

If Guarana really is this good, I think I’ll be using it every day. My quality of life has just increased dra­mat­ic­ally!.

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