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Good News From Google

By John Clarke

…For me, anyway! This quarter’s toolbar PageRank update has been a good one.

Coffeesh0p has gone from 2 to 3, with all my main categories having a PageRank of at least 1
Salvia Trip has gone from 0 to 2
A-muscaria & P-viridis have both gone from 0 to 1


For those that don’t know what PageRank is, it is one of many metrics that Google uses to rate your site, and is generally determined by the links to your site from other pages. If one page has a high PageRank itself and links out to only a few other sites, more of that “Link Juice” is going to flow down each of those links. If a page has a low, or non-existant PageRank and links to many sites, those links won’t pass as much juice. It’s these links to your site, or backlinks, as they’re known in the industry, that govern where you appear in Google’s search results. Relevent sites, with high PageRank that link back to your own site can really provide you with a boost in rankings.

Remember, PageRank is only one factor that Google uses when thinking about your site. As a general rule, pages with a higher PageRank should be more trustworthey than those without. Having little or no PageRank is a good indictor that a site is new, or doesn’t get a lot of traffic. You can see the PageRank of any site you visit by installing the Google Toolbar..

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