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Good News From Google

By John Clarke

…For me, anyway! This quarter’s toolbar PageR­ank update has been a good one.

Coffeesh0p has gone from 2 to 3, with all my main cat­egor­ies having a PageR­ank of at least 1
Salvia Trip has gone from 0 to 2
A-mus­caria & P-viridis have both gone from 0 to 1


For those that don’t know what PageR­ank is, it is one of many metrics that Google uses to rate your site, and is gen­er­ally determ­ined by the links to your site from other pages. If one page has a high PageR­ank itself and links out to only a few other sites, more of that “Link Juice” is going to flow down each of those links. If a page has a low, or non-existant PageR­ank and links to many sites, those links won’t pass as much juice. It’s these links to your site, or back­links, as they’re known in the industry, that govern where you appear in Google’s search results. Relevent sites, with high PageR­ank that link back to your own site can really provide you with a boost in rank­ings.

Remem­ber, PageR­ank is only one factor that Google uses when think­ing about your site. As a general rule, pages with a higher PageR­ank should be more trust­worthey than those without. Having little or no PageR­ank is a good indictor that a site is new, or doesn’t get a lot of traffic. You can see the PageR­ank of any site you visit by installing the Google Toolbar..

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