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First Day

By John Clarke

The first day back at uni­ver­sity and the first day owning a blog! Hello, everyone, and welcome.

About Me

I’ve just started my 3rd year at uni­ver­sity, studying medical science, with a par­tic­ular emphasis on phar­ma­co­logy. I also run Coffeesh0p with my girl­friend — we sell all sorts of stuff, working from home. I’ve always got little side­line pro­jects on the go, too, so never a dull moment.

About This Blog

I’ve set this blog up for many reasons. Firstly, it seemed like it might be fun. Secondly, I thought the stuff I do is really inter­esting, so perhaps others might like to read about it. It will also provide me a much more casual oppor­tunity to talk to a public audi­ence than through the more business-​​orientated Coffeesh0p.

So, I’ll be posting on all sorts of things, mainly on drugs and Internet mar­keting, and my unique pos­i­tion where I can combine the two.

Right now, I’m cur­rently learning how to use Word­Press — I’m not quite sure how all this blog­ging stuff works yet. I guess the first step is make it look half decent. I’ve already found myself a nice green theme, and added my own header and a massive RSS button (please sub­scribe!), but there’s a lot more to do!

That’s all for now. Another day at uni­ver­sity tomorrow, and hope­fully some more devel­op­ments here!.

One Response to First Day

  1. Mew says:

    Hello, John. I find what you do to be truly fascinating.

    Good luck with everything and keep the entries coming.

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